H is for Happy Mother’s Day

Blogging Through the Alphabet

It’s time for Blogging Through the Alphabet at www.bendandme.comI missed the letters F and G when I was sick days ago. I’ll be making up for them in the coming weeks, along with letters A and B, which I also missed when this series started.

This week the spotlight is on the Letter H. I decided H will stand for Happy Mother’s Day which is just around the corner. I want to give a shout-out to all the mothers out there. I also want to dedicate this post to my own mother and my mother-in-law. I want to honor them by recalling how they helped shaped my life…

My mother raised my 2 brothers, sister and me while my father worked outside the home. We had the opportunity to live in another country while I grew up and my mother took care of all of us away from her support network of relatives and friends. My younger brother and I were sickly as children. She also had to deal with my father’s alcoholism while we were growing up. I really admire my mother for her strength and dedication to keep our family together.

My mother was raised on a farm and learned in her youth the value of hard work. She became a seamstress later on to help pay for University studies. She wanted to be a teacher but ended up marrying my father before she could finish her studies. But that didn’t stop her; she continued to teach herself by reading widely. There were many life lessons that I picked up from her stories and from watching her deal with life.

My mother-in-law was an only child, raised alone by her own teenage mother who was forced to move far away from their hometown to avoid the stigma that came with their status. Made to work with her mother to pay for their food and shelter, she was also physically and verbally abused as a child by the people who took her and her mother in. She never finished her elementary education. To this day she can only write her name and the numbers 1 to 100.

Despite her troubled past she grew up a kind-hearted and generous woman. The Lord gave her a husband who loved her and their family dearly. She ran a food stall in front of the local elementary school using a cart that my husband would push into position across the school’s gate before and after his classes when he was a boy. Through her hard work and determination, she was able to buy her own home where she raised her seven children, and this is where she continues to live today.

Both these women exemplify motherhood to me. They are not perfect. They both had a difficult past and lived a hard life but they didn’t let that turn them into bitter women. Instead they made lemonade and all sorts of “treats” from the lemons that life gave them. Both were gentle, compassionate and strong women who knew how and when to laugh at life. I am thankful to the Lord that they were the mothers that He gave to me and my husband.

I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Happy Mother’s Day to Nanay, Mama, and to all the Mothers out there.

May the Lord continue to bless you all.


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