Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge (2): Signs…Lost in Translation

In my first post for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, I shared signs written in English. This is for Bambang Priantono who asked for signs in Filipino. Here are a few with my own translations (Filipino readers can offer their own translation if they like, or if mine is not accurate, I’m not the best translator around). Please take note that I took the first three shots while in a moving car….

Sanglaan ni Canaan = Canaan’s Pawnshop…I don’t know why they offer Free Noodles, or what those are…maybe free gold chains? That would have been cool…

Subasta sale = sale of unclaimed items….

Bawal Tumawid = literally – Illegal Crossing = In other words – Absolutely No Crossing

May Namatay Na Dito = literally – Someone Has Died Here = In other words – Cross Here And You Will Most Probably Die Like The Other Hard-heads Who Don’t Read This Sign…

People can really be so hardheaded, and even with this sign we still see them crossing at this intersection when there’s a very safe footbridge a few meters away…

This is not on a building but technically “on the road”…

Taxi Mo Ko = Taxi You Me = I’m You’re Taxi

Ihawan = Grill

Uling = Charcoal….For Rent???

Sari-sari store = All kinds/Variety store = Convenience store

Para sa all-out refreshment = For all-out refreshment, get stuck inside the bottle…

That’s it!

There were a few more photos of signs that I remember taking but I couldn’t find them. I’ll share them when I do. The whole exercise made me realise I need to get my external hard drive sorted out…

Hope you enjoyed these signs. I’m looking forward to Cee’s Which Way’s challenge coming soon. Watch for it!

Thanks for reading.


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