Changing Colors

Changing Colors

Sunset Over Manila

I was out with my little boy the other day. I saw these amazing clouds from the ground and wanted to catch them from a higher view point. Turns out the sun had just set and the sky was turning into that gorgeous blue of dusk.

When we got up to our “observation deck”, I took one look at the sky and felt one with nature, despite being in the city. I felt like God had put those clouds and colors up just for me and my little boy. These little blessings are like drops of rain on a parched land. Of course the little boy got bored easily after taking one look at the sky and seeing nothing but clouds.

I counted it another blessing to have caught that bird in the upper part of the shot.

The icing on the cake was when I decided to hang around a little longer despite the little guy’s protests. He had wanted to tag along in the first place so he had to put up with my little quest to take all the shots I wanted (mother’s prerogative). As I watched the sky for a few more minutes I saw see Venus appearing over the horizon. It’s nothing more than a tiny dot in the pictures below.  I didn’t bring the telescope either so all I had was the kit lens to capture it with.

Quadruple-blessings on a wonderful early evening (having time with the little boy is a blessing, too).

Ain’t life good?

Look for the “star” Venus on the lower right sky…


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