E is for Earth Hour

Blogging Through the Alphabet

It’s time for Blogging Through the Alphabet again hosted by Homeschooling Momma Marcy and today it’s the letter E, for Earth Hour.

I know it’s about 3 weeks late but I really wanted to do this for the letter “E”.

This year was the third time we “observed” Earth Hour. We were better prepared than the previous years with candles and such . Last year I was counting down to it but forgot on the day itself. It was only when I noticed how dark it was outdoors that I remembered and we turned out the lights indoors.

Two years ago, we eagerly awaited Earth Hour and were quite “religious” with our observance of it. It was a little harder the first time round because all I could think of was switching off all the lights but prepared nothing else for the one hour we would sit in the darkness. And the fact that the children were much younger then meant that there had to be a lot of assurances and cuddling given to the one who was still awake at that time.

This year, I thought we would try to imagine what life was like without electricity. The children thought it was neat and wanted to blow out the candles and play with the flames. It took some effort to get them to listen and to concentrate on the meaning of it all. We lit a couple of candles and tried to create some art from whatever inspiration the candles and the darkness gave us. Despite the initial preoccupation with fire the children were obedient and gave their all to their art, as children do…

I also thought we would check out how things looked like outside. I was a little disappointed because not everyone in the neighborhood was into the Earth Hour thing, unlike last year when everything was dark outside. All the streetlights were on.

We decided to take a look at the rest of the city from higher up. I was surprised to see fireworks going off in another part of town (I was too slow to capture it though).

Looking Westward

Oh well, at least we did our small part to save electricity for that hour.

If you’re wondering what it is, Earth Hour is an annual global environmental movement that started in Sydney, Australia in 2007. Organized by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) it quickly spread to other countries to become what it is now. The Philippines joined the movement in 2008 thanks to WWF-Philippines and private companies. Our family has participated since 2011.

How do you join? Simple. “Switch off” for one hour on March 29, 2014 at 8:30 pm your neighborhood’s local time (that’s the next Earth Hour schedule). You can also join local initiatives in your country if you want to do or know more.

Our Earth Hour


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