Dear Fellow Road Traveller

Road Traveller
Road Traveller

Dear Fellow Road Traveller

I wanted to let you know that we were on the same road stretch you were on a few days ago. And, that I took a picture of your nice car…

There’s a lot I want to say to you, as a fellow road traveller, on the crazy roads of Manila…

You have a nice car. Yes, you do. We were admiring it from behind you. It happens to be a brand of car that I like and would never be able to afford in my lifetime. It would be a shame to put a dent or scratch on that shiny body or on that awesome fender. But with the way you drive, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was wrecked pretty soon.

Yes, I saw you. Strangely, your luxury car was not tinted the way these makes usually are. So I saw you holding your mobile while driving. You know that we shouldn’t be doing that while at the steering wheel. I don’t know who you are but I am sure there are people who love you and are waiting for you to get home safely. Like you, we also have people who want us to be able to get into our car, get to where we need to go and back home safely as well. Especially when our kids are in the car.

Surely, you must have noticed those huge 10-wheelers on the road with us when you nearly ran into our brown SUV?

Surely, you must have seen us? It may be a compact SUV but it’s still pretty hard to miss if you’re right next to it.

Surely, you know that you can’t hold a mobile with one hand and hold the wheel with the other while going at 70kph, at least, safely, in Manila?

So I ask that you buy one of those hands-free contraptions if you absolutely must talk to that person on the other end. Certainly you can afford one if you’re driving that ride of yours? If not, there are plenty of imitation ones out there that will serve the same purpose. I don’t want to support buying of fakes or copies but in the interest of road safety and etiquette I make this plea.

It would be better of course if you would just pull over to the side and take that call with your full attention to the caller. That would be doing us on the road and the person on the other line a big favor.

Or better yet, don’t drive at all.

Respectfully yours,

A Road Traveller (usually with kids in the back and a camera on the ready)


16 thoughts on “Dear Fellow Road Traveller”

  1. So familiar in Finland. I have had handsfree now in my car about two weeks. How I managed before? I did not answer any calls when driving – my family knew that. Others, they had to wait until I contact them.

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