Grateful Good Friday

Today is Good Friday. We visited a relative in his quiet neighbourhood in the afternoon. I’ll be sharing more of this trip on April 9, which is a special day here in my part of the world. For today, here are some shots from his part of the city.

DSC_3656 DSC_3663

On the way home we saw this line of devotees getting ready for their annual procession from the Rosario church to I’m not sure where, I think all the way to Antipolo City, which is a national pilgrimage site for Catholics. Since yesterday many devout Catholics have walked (yes, on foot) from historical Quiapo Church all the way to Antipolo City. I’m not sure how far that is, but this road, also the main road eastwards leading up to the hill city, is already more than a 5km walk.


After that trip to my grand-uncle’s, I felt grateful for the freedom and the life we have, not just because God gave it to me, but also because thousands of men gave their lives so I can have it the way I do, now.

Dear God, please let me never forget that you are the Giver of Life. Let me always remember that I am here because the people before me chose Freedom and Sacrifice for the future they had not yet seen. Help me remember them. Help me never to forget You. Amen.


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