Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

It’s WPC time again, the theme is Future Tense. And yes I forgot that it’s still phoneography month so I had pictures taken with the Big Black Box before I remembered that I should have used that Sleek Sexy Thing which my youngest dropped by accident a few days ago. The phone is acting up now and I just want to join the WPC, nothing more. Since I didn’t want to take any new ones here are the shots I took with the BBB (one old the rest new) to show the present and future in one frame…

Climate Change

August Habagat Flood 2012
August Habagat Flood 2012

In a previous post I showed a rain-coated-man braving the flood with his motor-cycle to get somewhere fast. This is another shot from that same day. The man is holding his slippers (flipflops, sandals whatever it’s called in your part of the world) in his left and what looked like his family’s meal on the right. He’s walking home. I remember when the clerk at a local convenience store located on this road stretch opened their glass door, the people rushed to her asking if they were opening the store. Food and other necessities are suddenly precious commodities in times like these. It’s not even unique to my country. It happened in many places around the world. Weather and climate patterns are changing – the future is happening now.

Future of Education

Digital Distance Learning
Digital Distance Learning

I doubt we’ll be replacing brick-and-mortar schools anytime soon but certainly education in the future, as it is now, will increasingly involve the digital world. We’re homeschoolers here in South-east Asia but that program my son is learning from is run by a company in the U.S. Future tense of education: going global in the literal and digital sense.

Health Care

Document is copyrighted to The Medical City
Document is copyrighted to The Medical City

In the present and future, health care is important.


John 20
John 20 NIV Large Print Edition

Our present is filled with all kinds of activities that we do to take care of our various needs. But God also designed each and everyone of us to wonder about eternity, whether we admit it or not. Our physical death is one stage in life that is a certainty. This present body will pass away some day. What happens after death…is the future.

I have come to believe, after many years of searching and questioning, that the empty tomb of Jesus is a sign of the future of our physical present selves. I don’t expect you to agree with me on this. You’re always welcome to share your thoughts on the subject if you like. But no arguments about this, okay?

CS Lewis offers an interesting proposition in his book “Miracles”. He says that the resurrected man is the next stage in evolution, with Jesus being the “first-fruits”. Now CS Lewis, being CS Lewis, can get away with saying something like that and he does it well in that book. Me? I’m a Creation scientist now so I’m not going into the whole evolution thing. But it is an interesting point he makes, and something that the Old and New Testaments, in fact, what Christianity, rests upon. So the future tense of the present man or woman: The Resurrection.

Join the Weekly Photo Challenge hosted by The Daily Post. Open to new and old bloggers and photographers. Go ahead and check it out. The people there don’t bite. You can also look at what other bloggers did for this week’s challenge by clicking any or all of the links below. Have fun!


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