Camerashy Take52 Week 12 Challenge

This week’s theme at the Camerashy Take 52 Photography Challenge is “Motion“.

Here is my entry:

Water and Cyclist in Motion
Water and Cyclist in Motion   Nikon D5100   45mm   ISO140   1/125s   F/11

Taken during the August Habagat Flood last year. My dslr was about a week old at the time. My beloved negotiated a very good price for the camera and was understandably upset when he saw me take it out into the street to take some shots. My reply was, “Why did you get me the camera in the first place then?”. I mean it’s not a trophy to be put in display and admired from a distance. After several reminders to tread carefully in the water and get back in as soon as I was done, he let me go out.

I just set it to Auto because I hadn’t read the manual yet. I had figured out how to switch it on and focus and such so I guess I thought I was all set to fire away. Of course, a couple of months down the road, I know I still have lots to learn 🙂


25 thoughts on “Camerashy Take52 Week 12 Challenge”

  1. Your photos show so much character, and capture those special moments in such a natural way. I love photos of people, and don’t often do them. Hope you are all safe and sound through these difficult times of natural disasters.

    1. We’re okay now. That was last year and I was eager to test the new camera then. My favorite subjects are my favorite little peeps but sometimes, well you know how hard it is to capture kids…

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