Unplugged Sunday: Ordinary People

Last Sunday our pastor gave a sermon on the topic of God using Ordinary People. That means you and me folks. It was reassuring to know that God doesn’t need my brains, the achievements of my hands and the places my feet have gone, to do his work in this world. All God needs is my heart, my obedience to him, wherever he has placed me.

These photos are of the ordinary people I have seen and met who make their lives count to  those who depend on them. They don’t earn big bucks, they work hard all day out in the sun, on their feet. But they do their work, without complaining, with a smile on their face and a quiet dignity. Today I want to give a gentle tribute to ordinary people.

A peaceful and blessed Sunday to all of you.



DSC_0127 DSC00965 DSC03523


The council was caught by surprise by the confidence with which Peter and John spoke. After all, they understood that these apostles were uneducated and inexperienced. They also recognized that they had been followers of Jesus.

Acts 4:13

(Copyright 2011 Common English Bible)


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