Review: A+ Tutorsoft Interactive Math Software

I’ve been a busy Momma the past few days working on my reviews for The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew. Today, it’s for the A+ Tutorsoft Interactive Math Software.


What is it? This is an interactive program produced by A+ Tutorsoft, Inc that teaches Math from Grades 1 to 12. It offers Math curriculum in the traditional book format, as a CD program and in an online edition. For this review, I’ll talk about the A+ Interactive Math Grade 1 Online Homeschool edition which my DD used.



Why did we use this? About some time late last year, DD started hating Math. A lot of it was my fault really for failing to slow down to her learning pace (hey, I’m only human). As a result she didn’t want to have anything to do with Math AT ALL. It was disheartening to hear her say this because she used to love Math.

So what was I supposed to do? We took a long break from studying Math. Then the opportunity to use and review this software came along. I grabbed it. I was getting a little desperate because we were running out of time. A requirement of the homeschool provider we are partnered with is to complete all prescribed curriculum by the agreed target date. DD and I still had a long way to go.

She actually hesitated to use it but I asked her to give it a try. Being the wonderful sport that she is, she tried it and eventually liked it. Now she looks for it as part of her daily to-do list. She doesn’t hate Math anymore. She still doesn’t love it but at least she’s willing to work on her other Math books now.


How did we find it?

It got DD to like Math again. That should be the end of the review but it’s not…

It saved me time and effort. It is a program after all, which freed me to rest or do other tasks. I still supervised her online time and was around when she needed help but at least I wasn’t hands-on all the time. It also allowed worksheets and certificates to be generated and printed which was a big help with records-keeping.

The kids had fun. The program was intended for DD’s use but my 5 y.o. was able to tackle some of the easier topics for the First Grade level. As usual, they had a little contest to see who would collect the most certificates with perfect grades. We don’t have the final numbers yet as the competition is on-going even though the review period is over.  I’ll find out at the end of March who the winner is.

A word on the scope of the First Grade lessons. Obviously I had to correlate the lessons we covered with our national Basic Education standards so the whole exercise won’t be wasted. It was good to note that most of the curriculum met our local standards for Math at this grade level.

A few final words on the program. I offer two suggestions to make the interactive part better:

Make the interactive voice sound more human. It’s too mechanical during the lessons part and only livens up when praising the student.

Remove or improve the face with the missing parts. DD was a little frightened with one of the faces that popped up on the screen. It didn’t have a nose and ears. She said it looked like a ghost.

A+ Tutorsoft Online Homeschool Edition offers a 30-Day Free Trial if you want to give it a test run before committing to anything. If you decide you want it you can get it on a monthly basis at US$19.95 (that’s approximately PhP 800.00). Why do I like to convert the price to local currency in my reviews? It’s part of the basic cost-benefit/comparative analysis I do before I plan to spend anything (it’s also called comparison shopping). The equivalent service to this program will be that of a personal tutor or of a tutorial center. At the monthly price it is offered, it is very cheap compared to hiring a tutor.

Note: A+ Tutorsoft is offering a 50% discount through the end of March (2013). Use the coupon code SPOFFER50 to avail of the offer.


I received a free copy of this product through the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family. I am disclosing this in accordance with the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Regulations.


4 thoughts on “Review: A+ Tutorsoft Interactive Math Software”

    1. Sir,

      I am honored you read my post. I would have to say both were important to me. The “why” because I needed something that would help me solve a problem and the “findings” to record my observations and conclusions from using the program. This is the reason both got equal “air-time” on the post.

      Thank you very much for commenting.


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