This is Pinoy: People Power Day

It’s a holiday today (February 25).

My DD asked why. I told her it’s People Power Day. And that was followed by a short talk (homeschoolspeak for unit study) on People Power and the first EDSA Revolution that happened 27 years ago. I looked for a video that would explain it to them better but I couldn’t find any that were suitable. We watched the TV coverage instead. They got bored and didn’t understand it all. I guess they’re just too young.

I was out of the country when the revolution happened, too young to understand as well. But the older local kids (I was the expat kid then) were getting it on the news and were going around school with the “L for Laban” sign. They were rooting for Cory Aquino and the end to martial law in my home country.

I am a Martial Law baby (born in 1976), I told my children. I told them it was important to remember this day and what it meant. If martial law had not ended, where would we be? No homeschooling, that’s for sure. We would all be living a censored life.

They asked what that meant. It meant we couldn’t say or do what we wanted anytime and had to be very careful of the military. Don’t get me wrong, I have high respect for the military, have a few relatives who were/are in it. But martial law and civilian law are two very different things.

I just told them that we lived in a free country because a lot of people chose to be brave and got together to put an end to military oppression in our homeland 27 years ago.

That was good enough for them.

Whenever I drive along EDSA, it’s hard to imagine how it looked like with more than 2 million people standing there between February 22 to 25 in 1986. I found these pictures of how it looked like back then:


Awesome, ain’t it? The other “revolutions” that followed paled in comparison. These were people who had had enough and were willing to die for it.

I was curious about Ninoy Aquino. It was his death that triggered the chain of events culminating in this gathering. Everyone knows he was shot in the head when he came home to remove the “threat” he represented. It always amazes me how fear can make people do all kinds of things. I am far more amazed when I see people doing the right thing even in the face of their fears. I think Ninoy Aquino was one of those who walked his talk about courage and sacrifice for others.

I found a video that revealed something of his mindset before his death. I thought I would put it here. At the end of the video is a disclaimer. I’m not an expert on the things the disclaimer mentions but I thought the video looked genuine enough.


Ninoy Aquino was definitely a dreamer. But he didn’t sit around and let it float in his head. He moved to make it happen. And it did.

To my Filipino readers out there: Mabuhay ang Pilipinas at ang ating lahi! Magandang araw po sa inyong lahat.


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