Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

Forward-facing flowers along the road to Subic town

Happy faces and petals whirling in the dusty air

The man in green facing forward back to Olongapo

Forward depends which way you’re headed…

Roadside Flowers
Roadside Flowers


Or if you’re going up or down

Trying to move a heavy load forward

all by yourself can be quite difficult

If you’re small

Little Driver BIG Car


Unless you have a pair of skates and can glide

Ice skaters on my birthday
Ice skaters at my birthday party…


Or you can just run forward on your own

Running Forward
Running Forward


Join the Weekly Photo Challenge hosted by The Daily Post. Here’s a peek at what other bloggers are doing for the challenge:

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44 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward”

  1. Gorgeous selection of photos for the challenge! I especially like your flowers and the man walking the other way, with the poetic thought ‘forward depends which way you’re headed.’ Very nice.

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