Another Day in the Life of this Homeschooling Momma: My Next Job will be as a Referee

I think I can be a referee when I’m done homeschooling.

Not a day goes by that I’m not breaking up a fight, shouting, waving my hands in the air, stamping my foot on the ground or my hand on the tabletops and counters.

Are we homeschoolers? Absolutely. Is this the UFC? Sometimes I wonder….But we’re human, too. Or at least I know I was the last time I looked in the mirror.

I was amused when a dear Aunt visiting from overseas told me I was “perfect” for homeschooling. She had no idea what the live action usually was in my home. Now most of you are reading this so you’ve never heard me speak. I’m normally a soft-spoken and calm woman when I’m around adults (honest, pinky-swear). With the kids, especially when our homeschool version of a UFC match is on, I am transformed into what they call the Mommy Monster (that’s kid-speak for The Referee).

Every day I pray for patience, patience and more patience. Some days I forget how sweet, adorable and huggable babies my kids once were. I can’t imagine how Mama was able to survive me, my 2 brothers and sister. I cannot remember her ever losing her temper with us. She’s the epitome of calmness. Well, maybe just once, with me, because I was quite the hardheaded long playing cry-baby of us four. I remember her losing her temper because I refused to take my nap. She didn’t even shout. I think she was having a bad day and threw my rag-doll at me because I was such a nut.

I wonder sometimes if this is payback for all those times …



4 thoughts on “Another Day in the Life of this Homeschooling Momma: My Next Job will be as a Referee”

  1. The endless negotiations and refereeing is a hard part of being a grown up with kids! That said it’s v easy to default to the side of the youngest/smallest person (even though they invariably started it…). My kids are better about squabbling now – I tend to say “be nice” and see what they can work out. But first I leave them for as long as possible to work it out as squabbling and sharing are learning skills essential for adult life.

    Do you ever use red or yellow cards like a football referee – it seemed to be a good system with my kids and their friends. The other thing I tried was a code word. I let them squabble but if I could see it escalating into dangerous then I’d use a word that they had to pay attention to. In other words they are bound to ignore no, stop it, etc – but if you say “giraffe” because they are about to run into traffic/fall into a pond/walking into a crazy person then they learnt to stop what they were doing. The trick is not to use it very often, then it will work. Be fascinated to find out if these ideas sound any use for you.I’ve done two spell sof homeschooling but there’s quite a lot of ideas both on my blog and book of the same name for thrifty creative and ecofriendly ways to raise children if you look at (esp earlier entries in 2010 and the homeschooling categories). Nicola

    1. Thanks, Nicola! I’ll definitely pop over to take a look. I could use some tips 😉
      I don’t use cards but we have some code words, code “looks” and code silences 🙂 They know what each means in different contexts. For us the “look” is useful especially when we’re outside, they know when the line is about to be crossed and they’re in big trouble which won’t wait till we get home. I doubt that our special look will work in a ring or courtside, though lol

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