Music: Blast from the Past

It’s nearing the end of the academic Third Quarter here in our part of the world and I have begun the rather tedious process of assembling grades and other proof that my little girl and boy are actually learning something in our homeschool adventure.

While seeking inspiration to lighten my load, I thought I would play some music. This was a habit of mine from childhood to help pass the time while working. The dilemma that faced me (aside from the paperwork): what music to listen to?

Of all the songs that popped into my mind, it had to be Bon Jovi.

I was in college when I really “got” into their music. I remember saying goodbye to my dreams of learning to play the piano when Papa told Mama to stop sending me to piano lessons. So, not to be deterred from learning to play a musical instrument, I asked him if I could have a guitar for my 16th birthday. I had college buddies who played the guitar. It was cheaper and the chances of me learning how to use it without hiring a teacher were higher than with the piano.

He got me a classical guitar. It produced soft sounds and didn’t hurt my fingers too much. I learned to strum a couple of popular songs from that time. And that got me “hooked” on rock music. I didn’t know there were Christian rockers, too, or my interest wasn’t in them because I was heading to my atheist stage back then. Hence, Bon Jovi.

I looked them up. There were really just 2 Bon Jovi songs I liked. I listened to them a couple of times till I needed to think some and stopped the music. But I thought I would share it here. A glimpse of my mental and spiritual state back then. I still like the guitar and drum work. The lyrics are a bit funny to me now (no offense to Bon Jovi fans out there) in light of where I am in my journey.

Here it is folks, Livin’ On A Prayer…


2 thoughts on “Music: Blast from the Past”

  1. When i was young, my mom told me: if only, i have enough money, i would send you to a music school 😉 I don’t really know why she said that 🙂
    In high school, i learned how to play a recorder but my mom doesn’t like it because she thought i have a “goiter” (which is not true according to the tests). Anyway, she bought me a guitar ‘coz it’s cheaper but i didn’t learn, my older brother just broke it 🙂
    I also like Bon Jovi because my 2 older brothers always listen to his songs, they even had his cassette tapes and i played it sometimes.

    1. Ah, a fellow Bon Jovi fan! I had to learn using “oido”, got a chord chart, chords for my favorite songs and started learning and playing by ear! But all I can remember now are the basic chords. I don’t think my fingers can take the abuse either. 🙂 I’ll have to stick to the piano now, which we finally have 🙂 God is good!

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