A Day in the Life of this Homeschooling Momma: Science Makes My Day

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The Hurricane Tube Experiment
The Hurricane Tube Experiment

My favorite subject to teach to my first grader and preschoolers is Science. I would like to think that it’s because I’m good at Science since I somehow made it to the Science stream when I entered 3rd Form in Secondary school. I also ended up with a degree in Environmental Planning and worked in environmental management afterwards.

Now, what has that got to do with teaching Science to my kids? Well its important because it’s a joy to teach this subject to them. I find it easy to do. It’s not because I feel so knowledgeable compared to them (sometimes I am taken aback by the maturity and wisdom in their questions). It’s because this subject is fun. And when I have fun, my kids have fun, too. Numerous studies have shown that learning happens best in children when there is no stress and the activities are enjoyable.

I see how this passion shows itself whenever my 6 year old daughter tells me that she wants to be a Scientist some day. True, she’ll probably change her mind a couple of times before she finally settles on a trade or profession when the time comes. Or she may just stick to this and actually grow up to become one. The point is, she sees it as something that can be wonderful to do.

Of course, it’s still easy at this point to teach Science. I don’t need the special lab equipment and outfits yet. Ask me again after a few years if it’s still easy to teach this or if the passion is still there. I hope it will be.

All this brings to mind something I realized now about my time in Secondary school. The subjects I liked most were because I had teachers who were passionate about what they were teaching. The preparation they undertook, the mastery of the subject matter and the patience and desire to get you on-board into their world influenced me. As I pondered about the subject that I enjoy teaching the most, I realized that this was happening all over again with my daughter and two sons.

I see it also working in reverse in the subjects I don’t feel so “strong” in, like Language Studies in English and Filipino. I teach our native language – Filipino – as part of our core curriculum and to comply with government regulations. I just feel like all those rules about grammar and syntax are boring. My daughter and older son can read, write and speak in these languages but they don’t have a “passion” for it the way they do for Science. They probably feel the same way I do about it. And I see this whenever I say it’s time to work with our English and Filipino books.

So what does this all boil down to? Essentially it means that teaching a subject out of a passion for it will have a wider and longer lasting impact than simply doing it to “tick off” that item on the list. It will make for happier learners (and a happier Momma), too.

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