In the Highest

A new song I heard from our worship team sung last Sunday (not yesterday). I thought it was praise in its purest and simplest form, doesn’t give you too much of a vocal work-out (which is a major reason I like it as I don’t sing very well…no, really I don’t), with simple words all directed towards the Perfect One who loves us all…

In the Highest by Citipointe…

May you have a fruitful week ahead and may His peace guard your hearts and minds always.

Here are the words to the song:

There’s no greater love than this 
For You to save us 
Burdened with all our sin 
You came to take this from us. 

As the heavens mourned 
And all the clouds went grey 
All the earth’s restored 
By Your saving grace 

Eternal love unfailing grace 
The gift You freely gave 
Son of God and son of man 
At the cross You took Your stand 

As the barrier was broken 
Between heaven and earth 
All the heavens cried out 

Worthy is the Lamb, Worthy is the Lamb 
Seated on the throne, Seated on the throne 
Turnaround: You are God in the highest 

You are the One 
Who is and will be to come 
Glory in the Highest 
Highest, Highest, Highest, You are God in the Highest

Lyrics from:



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