National Day of Unplugging – March 1 to 2 2013

I found an interesting site through the link on Alicia’s Walking in Faith blog  (one I’m following from The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew) called the National Day of Unplugging.

I believe that it’s a Jewish site (based on what I read in it) and the National Day of Unplugging or NDU is related to the Sabbath or God’s command to set a day for rest. While I do not agree with the site’s entire Sabbath manifesto or with all of the principles it espouses, I agree that regular rest is important for our body, soul and relationships.

The National Day of Unplugging is a cause or movement to get people to take time out or off technology to get people to reconnect with God, themselves or others. It’s a young movement. Not everyone agrees with the reasons or the strategies but a lot do agree with the benefits it has given them (based on the comments I’ve read). I thought it would be interesting to do. It’s also aligned to an idea I picked up at the CCF Women’s Conference earlier this year about taking daily, weekly, quarterly and even annual retreats (which are ideally periods of rest as suggested by NDU).

The NDU is happening on March 1 to 2, 2013. I’m not going to wait till March to unplug. My take on it is to unplug once a week, Sunday to Monday to be exact.

How difficult could that be?

I’m thinking it will probably be hard to do. So for my 5 daily goals for 2013 (6 if you include the exercise daily bit about trying to lose my still-postpartum weight), I will not be doing any posting on Sundays. I probably won’t be taking any photos either (unplugging the digital/electronic camera) and maybe no piano-playing either (it’s a digital/electronic piano we own).

On second thought, this won’t be so tough, after all. The upside? Quiet time for myself and extra time with my family.

So, here’s to a new way to practice a tradition and command given by the Lord to my spiritual forefathers – to “shabbat“.

What are your thoughts on “unplugging”?


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