Nurse Duty – Another Day in the Life of this Homeschooling Momma

Well, today started out cold.

18C this morning in my part of town

18C this morning in my part of town

And then it was a trip to the doctor’s later in the morning…

Combivent….Co-amoxiclav…Montiget…Paracetamol…it’s like reading a list of hospital equipment, the words sounding so alien. The Pediatrician rattled off the meds DD needed to get back on her happy feet again.

I’m wearing my Nurse hat today. DD is sick with something in her left lung “that will lead to pneumonia” according to the P. So, that was why she’s had a fever since Monday. I just nodded to the doctor like all of it made sense.

It has something to do with the weather, she says (almost every illness nowadays can be blamed on the weather) and the walk we took on Monday afternoon (no more afternoon walks for now). DD is usually the “last man standing” when a virus or other invades the home. When the boys were coughing their lungs out she was just sniffling and coughing in her typical lady-like and genteel fashion.

No, the boys have no fever and seem to be getting better. The P was happy, too. Last time, DS had to see her three times before he got the “all clear”. LS is his usual tough little self.

I’m also wearing my Janitorial hat. I had to clean up after DD threw up on the floor. Ugh.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my children very much and I’m not complaining. But it was still ewww…

While reading some poems about Occupations the other day, DD excitedly said, “That’s you, Mommy!” when we got to the part about Nurses. She was so proud of me. “You’re a nurse, too, Mommy”, she said.

I just nodded at that time. I didn’t know I would be one again so soon.

And at midnight tonight, we need to get up to smoke out the bugs in her lungs…

It’s just another day in the life of this homeschooling (and nurse) momma.


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