Gone Fishing

Little Swimmer went fishing today at the Fishing Village…

At the Fishing Village
At the Fishing Village

He worked very hard…

He caught a lot of fish…he counted 23!

Counting...23 fishes!!
Counting…23 fishes!!

He was so happy he got the starfish.

He caught the starfish
He caught the starfish

He was also proud of this one…

The Swordfish
The Swordfish

We tried to catch the crab but he was too heavy and kept falling off the hook. After all that hard work, we were ready to leave the Fishing Village and go home.  But not before we pick out his reward (we couldn’t take the fishes home with us)…

Picking out the Reward
Picking out the Reward

Here they are…two tiny cameras…he was proud and happy but didn’t want to pose for the picture…

The new toys
The new toys

Bye Fishing Village!


The Fishing Village is located inside Fun Ranch, Tiendesitas in Pasig City.


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