This is Pinoy: Art inspired by the Parol

This is actually late. In a post last year I mentioned that we were going to embark on our very first unit study, focusing on Philippine Christmas traditions. For those not in the know, a unit study is homeschooling lingo for a thematic or topical study of anything under the sun that your family is interested in. That’s the definition I gathered from reading all those homeschooling guidebooks. I’m sure there’s a better and formal definition for it but for this post this one will suffice.

So we decided to give it a whirl last year. DD was more interested in it than the boys but they dug in and did their best with the lessons and activities we did. Overall I would say it was a success because they came away from it knowing a little more about our native culture than before we started it AND we had fun.

Here’s the Art inspired by the topic on the Parol (“Christmas lantern”):

Here’s a little writing practice using the title of a popular Pinoy Christmas carol:

Ang Pasko ay Sumapit Copywork
Ang Pasko ay Sumapit Copywork in order DD, DS and LS


There were a number of displays throughout the community we live in depicting symbols of a traditional Pinoy Christmas. Here are the darlings during our little “field trip”:

Looking back at the objectives of the Unit Study, I would say we met them all, except for finishing it in 2-3 days. We actually stretched to beyond Christmas but it turned out all right. I feel more confident now moving forward with using unit studies in our homeschool.


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