201st Post – I Love You Mom..

This is my 201st post according to the wizards of WordPress. I was surprised that I’ve made that many posts already. To mark this milestone, I wanted to give a big THANK YOU to all who stumbled on and have decided to follow my little space in the Internet. Here’s to having more fun at WordPress…

For this post I wanted to share a “love letter” from my precious DS. He finally made one for me –  a miniature version of the one he made for his Dad. Mine was written on a recycled receipt…

I Love You Mom from SamJan2013

I didn’t realize I had square hair. At first I thought it was a helmet. Here’s what the pictures mean:

Top Left – Me reading DS a bedtime story

Lower Left – Me and DS playing hopscotch (inspired by an episode from Disney’s Special Agent Oso)

Lower Right – DS and me in the swimming pool

I glued the drawing onto my planner. I was touched when he gave it to me. I saw him working on it, he kept shooing me away so I wouldn’t see his “surprise”. He was so proud of his work (and so was I).

Aren’t children amazing?







5 thoughts on “201st Post – I Love You Mom..”

    1. Sorry for the late reply. I’ve got lots of them now, those drawings, and I know that soon they’ll stop making them so spontaneously. I cherish each one they make. I do hope that I’ll be able to keep them as long as you have yours! 🙂

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