Normal Living

My wonder-woman helper AG is at her home recovering from a nasty allergic reaction to all the dust from the fireworks that went off to welcome the New Year.

She’s been gone for most of the week now and so my Beloved and I have divided the work to be done while she was gone.


This was some of the folding and ironing I worked on this week. Some of it is still sitting in the basket. I hid the others in the clothes cabinets, thinking out of sight and out of mind will make all the waiting laundry magically pressed and folded with a snap of the fingers…even if I got down on my knees and prayed morning till night it won’t happen. It really needs good old fashioned work to get it done.

And so I miss AG. Then again, I also missed doing this much housework. I’ve been spoiled by having helpers around to do the bulk of the work for me. It actually feels good to be tired at the end of the day from all that physical labour. I had to let go of  my laundry specialist-helper (another amazing super-woman) at the start of the year for various reasons, so I’ve been doing her work now.

Through this week and last week (when AG was sick with something else) I used this time without a helper to teach the children the importance of obedience (so I can get work done) and responsibility (doing their share of keeping the house neat and helping with meal times).

I am happy (and relieved) that the children have been cooperative. What a blessing they are!

Sensible children bring joy to their father;
    foolish children despise their mother.


Proverbs 15:20 from the New Living Translation (NLT)


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