A Time for Refreshing

Speaker Pastor Ann Chan
Speaker Pastor Ann Chan

Yup, I renewed my commitment to the Lord Jesus today.

I went to the 2012 Women’s Conference organized by CCF this morning. The speaker was Pastor Ann Chan from the Covenant Evangelical Free Church in Singapore. I was expecting a lot of theology to be thrown at me. I was pleasantly surprised at what I heard. It was indeed a time for refreshing. I haven’t always had the opportunity to attend conferences like these, being limited to those on the homeschool front, ever since I had little ones. This was my first conference or event of this kind in quite a while.

This image is the cover of our Conference notebook, which I signed as a testament to the commitment I renewed at the end of the Conference. I was deeply moved by all that happened, so when Pastor Ann called us to make a written record of the commitment, I was eager to do it. I recalled during my Bible study the past few days how our spiritual forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob made “memorials” like altars, stones and pillars to remember special encounters they had with God. That picture is my little “memorial”.

I won’t go into detail about the talks Pastor Ann gave. She said, and I agree, that the spiritual life is a SECRET and intimate life to be shared only with God. But the gems I picked up I will list here. I’ve seen and heard similar statements elsewhere. It’s good, and even necessary, for sanity’s sake to recall them every once in a while, more so during these hectic and increasingly materialistic season.

So here are the spiritual gems I picked up:

1. Let go of your past: learn from the story of Jonah – a lesson on forgiveness.

2. Reclaim your future:  learn from the life of Gideon – a lesson on seeing our worth from God’s eyes.

And the most memorable quote by Pastor Ann from the Conference:

“Forget your past, God is going to re-write your present and future.”




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