Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

This week’s Challenge was a tough one. It took me a few days to think through what Renewal meant to me.  I thought I wouldn’t be able to join this week.

My reflections led me to 3 things that represent Renewal in my life. The first photo combines 2 of them, so there are only 2 pictures to show and share what Renewal means to little old me:

1. Being a Parent, and the Sea


Subic Bay


I was forever changed after I became a Parent and after I learned how to swim. Honestly, I’m still a little scared if I am in chest-deep water in the open sea but being able to swim gave me a strength that renewed me. I learned to swim only a few years ago. I must say I really am a different person now. It’s like I’ve been given a second-chance…

2. Sam’s Taco-looking Pizza (Food!)

Sam’s Taco Looking Pizza

Those who know me know how much I love to eat. My Beloved is very proud of Sam’s Pizza(s) – it’s a homegrown pizza house, and I thought this particular one, which I first tasted several years ago, shows how food is part of the daily renewal in my life.

I’m not sure if I hit the nail on the head with this Renewal theme but it was certainly a Challenge for me.

Want to join the fun? Click here to learn more about the Weekly Photo Challenge. Or check out the other entries to this Week’s Challenge: Renewal…

  Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal (jillswell.com)


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