The Astromaster is Here!

The wait is finally over.

I asked a relative living in the US to buy a telescope for our homeschool a few months ago. The gracious relative arrived yesterday with the long-awaited goods. Actually, I asked for a refractor telescope, seeing as how we’re all beginners. Instead my generous relative got us a Newtonian reflector which happens to be a more expensive kind of telescope for beginners.


I was a little anxious as I put the telescope together because according to the astronomy experts the reflector type is more sensitive and requires more care than the refractor kind. This was why I preferred a refractor especially with the young kids who’ll be using it. Yesterday I nearly dropped the optical tube while I was carrying it because my youngest decided to playfully grab my arm. I thought I was going to drop the tube. Believe me, my heart pounded hard! It was a close call. Whew!

The weather, however, didn’t cooperate with us. It turns out we have another typhoon in the country. It started to rain in the afternoon till evening yesterday. Today, it just rained and rained the whole day. We did manage to give the telescope a test run last night and watched the pinkish-grey night sky. I was planning to try the camera adapter and have a go at some astro-photography. But since it’s been raining the whole day and setting up the EQ mount takes some time to do, I’m no longer in the mood. We’ll have clearer skies in the weekend (I hope) and we’ll set it up then. Dearest Daughter is all excited to use it.


I am so grateful to God and to my relative for helping us out with DD’s astronomy. The kind relative also brought over some of the textbooks we’ll be using next year. We got the books during the summer/fall sale at and saved a bundle.

Here’s to more fun in our homeschool!





2 thoughts on “The Astromaster is Here!”

  1. Hi Mary,

    What you have there is a fine instrument for beginners. It should be more than capable of showing the craters of the moon, the rings of Saturn, and the cloud bands in Jupiter. If you have time, join us in our astronomical observations with my colleagues in UP Astronomical Society and Philippine Astronomical Society and we’d be happy to teach you how you could maximize the use of your telescope. Attending observations are of course free of charge and are intended to help those who are fascinated with astronomy 🙂


    1. Oh, thank you so much for the invite, Sir! We will certainly make the time to join you and your colleagues. It will be such a big big help with my our family’s learning.

      Thanks also for visiting my blog.


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