Pinoy Thursdays: Pasig City Children’s Library

I decided to make a little change to my Thursday Pinoy Tidbits. It’s just a renaming to Pinoy Thursdays. It’s easier on the ear and has fewer letters to type…

Two months after our first trip we managed to return to the Pasig City Children’s Library in late September.

I’ve meant to make it a part of our regular weekly schedule to go to the library. Even with the Internet I think libraries still play a crucial role in supporting the learning process. This is the place to get free access to books. I decided to truly and honestly block some time for this after I realised that I was running out of shelf space at home and my budget was being stretched (the Mandarin classes do have to be paid after all).

I got mixed reactions from the kids when I told them going to the library was going to be a regular thing. But they were all game for it. The good news is the Library has a good-sized collection. The sad news is the facilities need updating. There’s a lot of work to do with the general management of the book collection, and well, the Library needs a lot of love and attention from the community.

It’s put an idea in my head to volunteer and help out the current person-in-charge during the school summer break next year. It’s a desire that’s now on my prayer list to see if the Lord will allow it…

We’ve borrowed about 12 books so far since we started in September. It’s been a good experience for all of us and it gets us out of the home for a time at least once a week.


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