I miss the blogging world. Even the Facebook world. Whenever I’ve gone online, it’s been to do some research related to  our homeschooling or to do a quick check on my email.

This post won’t be long, and my original title for it was supposed to be “Missing You” but I didn’t feel too happy about it so I just scrapped it.

After the excitement of the flooding two weeks ago, things are settling back to normal. We’ve been busy catching up with our school calendar. We’re still a little behind with one or two subjects for my First Grader. As for my pre-schooler, we’re back on track which is really good news for us.

It looks like good sailing from here on.

Oh, and if you haven’t watched “Brave” by Disney/Pixar yet, it’s a really fun movie to see. Go check it out this weekend with your family.

Enjoy the rest of your week, folks!



4 thoughts on ““Busyness””

    1. Brave was a nice treat for everyone. It was a great opportunity to teach lots of values to the kids. Hope you do get to see it soon! As for our schooling, whew, we survived our first quarter, by God’s grace! We’re looking forward to the quarter 2! 🙂

    1. Thanks Corinne. It’s still quite hectic but I hope after this week things will finally settle down and I can get back to more “frequent” posting 🙂

      Warmest hugs!

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