The Ortigas Avenue Extension Flood

I didn’t know what to call the post. The first title sounded like a news report. But this is just a simple story.

The good news is that our home didn’t get flooded. The sad news is that the homes of my relatives were. Relatives here were my mother-in-law, sister, sister-in-law and brother. So were the homes of so many other people. According to the news reports, more than 500,000 people were affected (meaning displaced or trapped) by the floods that submerged many parts of the northern Philippines.

As of today, the waters have disappeared from my mother- and sister-in-law’s houses. It’s still waist-deep at my sister’s and brother’s homes. My mother lives with my sister and her family.

I wanted to look around and take a few pictures of the flood. The sun shone briefly this morning and that was when I grabbed my chance to walk outside (and try out the new toy I got last week, see this post).

Most of the pictures I took are posted here.

Here are a few of them:

This was as far as I could go. The current was too strong and I didn’t want to get swept into that street. The water was waist deep.

Helping out the stranded and those desperate to get home since yesterday.

I don’t know if these guys charged a fee for their services.

That kayak got me thinking – it would come in handy during times like these.

It would fit neatly in the storeroom.

Business as usual for the market folk. It actually gets up to chest deep when you push further on and into the side streets. This is one of the main roads leading to my siblings’ homes.

We’re a resilient and generally happy nation even while hitching a ride home on a fire truck.

Smiling in adversity. These gentlemen asked me to take their picture.

More good news from the national weather agency (PAGASA) , the monsoon rains are easing up and we expect to see more of the sun tomorrow. Let’s continue to hope and pray.


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