Remembering Ondoy a.k.a Ketsana 2009

English: Flooded waters during the height of T...
English: Flooded waters during the height of Typhoon Ketsana / Ondoy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s 1:11 a.m. local time and I of course can’t sleep. We don’t have any typhoons right now and even the low-pressure area the national weather forecasting agency has been keeping a keen eye on has weakened. But it’s raining lots and lots and lots of water.

My Beloved told me to get some sleep but after surviving the flood that Typhoon Ondoy (internationally called Ketsana) brought to my home in 2009 I just can’t bring myself to sleep. My entire body is just awake and alert.

We’ve made some preparations already (that is brought up our possessions that were on the lower ground level to a higher location) and monitored the news. Many parts of the metropolis are already flooded.

While we “feel” that the dreadful Ondoy flood won’t happen again it’s still better to be prepared. And most importantly, to pray. I’ve been praying since early evening that the situation won’t worsen. If you happen to read this right away, please feel free to join me in praying for this, for the people who have been evacuated already from their homes, those who can’t make it back home because of the flooded roadways and those whose homes are already flooded.

Let’s pray and hope for the best.






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