Don’t Lose your Adult! Our Trip to the Mind Museum

Today we went to the Mind Museum in Taguig City.

I first heard about the place last year. I don’t remember where. But I kept the bookmarks and brochures while it was being constructed. The Museum officially opened last March. My feet have been itching to go there but the timing wasn’t right. Today it was perfect.

This visit makes it our second field trip since we started our school year.

The All-Day Pass

I thought everything was going to go smoothly. Yesterday I got the tickets from the Mind Museum website. Some words for thought when planning to go there. If it’s your first time, get the All-Day Pass instead of one of those three-hour slot tickets. If you have young kids with you, the All-Day Pass lets you take your time if you’re running late (which is prone to happen if you need to get 3 kids ready in the morning), get caught in a traffic jam or are having a really good time at one exhibit. We went through all of that today and I was glad I got the All-Day Pass.

Getting There and Parking

There was a horrendous traffic jam along C-5 on the way to the Museum. C-5 happens to be the main and quickest route to the place from our part of the Metro. Zigzagging through side streets helped us escape that. When we found the Museum (take note this was the first time we went there), we didn’t know about the one-way streets in that area and ended up  driving around the Museum about 2 or 3 times before we found a parking lot that was close enough to it. There was a line into the parking area. After waiting for 30 minutes we finally found a spot.

We’re next after the Honda Jazz
Full Parking

There are two other designated parking areas for the Museum which you can find on the website. A good alternative would be to take a cab to the Museum. You can go there directly by cab or you could park your car elsewhere within Bonifacio Global City and take a taxi, bus, eco-tricycle or eco-jeep that goes around the place to get to the Museum.

A Brand New Museum

We had an early lunch and then headed into the Museum. It truly was state-of-the-art as the website claimed it would be, from the motion-activated door openers to the robotic concierge and the touch-screen displays in the galleries and exhibits.

Aedi (“Idea” spelled backwards) – Robot Concierge

I thought it would be a lot bigger, though. But it was just the right size for little legs and feet. My Beloved and I didn’t get too tired from all the walking we did.

Our Favorites

The Universe Gallery was wonderful. Dearest Daughter (my First Grader) is using Exploring Creation With Astronomy this year for her Science curriculum. The Universe and the Earth Galleries were perfect for giving her concrete experiences before we got into all that scientific information. Son-Man (the Kindergartener) is also studying Earth Sciences now (His book is Explore and Grow). They both loved the two galleries.

Evolution of Stars
The kids with Stan the Resident T. Rex at the Mind Museum
Dino Footprint
Dino Poop Fossil
SONY Touch-screen Displays show notable Volcanic Eruptions in the Philippines

The kids loved the Fossil Dig…

At the Fossil Dig

And here are my favorites…

The Story of the Stars
The Butanding a.k.a. Whale Shark
The Blue Funnel
The Great Migration

You can get more information about the other galleries from the Mind Museum website.

There’s also a Science-in-the-Park outside the museum building. It’s a playground with some science lessons thrown in. Perfect for nursery kids and kindergarteners.

Science in the Park

After the exciting day, we had merienda at the Number 1 Fast-food Chain in the Philippines, our very own….

Jollibee at the Mind Museum

Signs, Signs, Signs

As always, I was on the look-out for some interesting signs inside the Museum…

Humans Keep Out
Please please please Read the Signs
Are We Alone?

And my favorite sign of all…

Don’t Lose Your Adult!

It was a fun day and my kids are asking me when we’re going back…

You can visit the Mind Museum website for more information on ticket prices, schedules, galleries, exhibits and special events.


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