Grateful Friday: First Week of our Homeschool Year

We didn’t have any Internet connection yesterday.

It was a surprise but it hit my Beloved harder than it did me. I was busy with the first week of homeschooling. More of that in another post.

I didn’t get to post my Thursday Pinoy Tidbit which was about another favorite family dish called “nilagang manok”.

But all in all, it was a blessed week for us, for a number of reasons.

Reason 1. My Dearest Daughter officially started her Mandarin language lessons this week. She kept telling me that she liked Chinese and wanted to learn more about the language. I did some research and I learned that Victory Christian International School (VCIS) offered Mandarin language classes on its Excellence Program. The good thing was that the school allowed her to sit in to “try” the class out. She thoroughly enjoyed it last week. So this week she was officially enrolled. All of that was a blessing for us.

Reason 2. I finally located, and we finally got to visit, our City’s Public Library; after having lived here for several years. It’s a modestly sized library but the Children’s Section was a blessing. I’ve spent a lot of money on brand new and secondhand books to help develop and grow my children’s love for reading and to support our homeschooling. Now that I’ve finally seen the Library, I’m looking forward to bringing my children there. There was a good selection of books and my children enjoyed the visit (which means they’ll be happy to go there again). And the Officer-in-Charge of the Children Section holds storytelling sessions for the students from the public elementary school next to the Library. I want my children to get exposed to that.

Reason 3. Our homeschooling year has started! I know our break was a short one but I was getting a little bored at home. I also want the children to start and end their school year within the same calendar used by the Department of Education. Homeschooling is a blessing for my family but our mindset is to take it one year at a time. Every year we carefully consider if we should continue with the homeschooling journey or take another path. Our plan is to home-school the children through the elementary years and then get them into the local Science (or Art) High Schools (if that is where their gifts are) or else explore other options. That is still a long way off and so we are just taking it one year at a time.

Reason 4. My Beloved is now an official instructor-trainer at an international training center here in Manila. This was a dream come true for him. The post was actually offered to him a few years ago but it wasn’t the right time yet  to accept it. This time, the Lord wanted him to take it. It was another blessing.

So, this is goodbye to another wonderful week. I am so looking forward to the weekend and the weeks ahead.

I leave you with this lovely symbol of our Lord’s love for us. Here’s praying that you all have a wonderful weekend!




2 thoughts on “Grateful Friday: First Week of our Homeschool Year”

  1. Hi Mary, i chanced upon your blog and i knew it was not by accident that the Lord led me here. aside from your blog title, i was drawn to your homeschooling tab … these two reasons spoke to my heart that we have these things common between us.

    i would just like to encourage you that homeschooling is one great endeavor that only the Lord will allow us to prevail. my older son whom i went through homeschooling from level 4 to high school, is now awaiting his licence to be an aircraft maintenance mechanic, and my other son, whom i went through as well from kinder to level 6, is now a junior in a mainstream school.

    everyday was a journey of joy and hard work, but it was the Lord who sustained us all throughout the experience. may your homeschooling moments be an everyday testament of God’s amazing grace every time.

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