Friday Went By Without A Word

Friday (Photo credit: Mait Jüriado)

I missed my Friday gratitude appointment.

It happens but I was hoping it wouldn’t. It was on my mind for most of the afternoon but preparations for the start of our school year just took over most of last week.

What I wanted to write about was Ate G. In our part of the world we are so blessed by people who help with the daily tasks to keep the home running. She’s been part of our family life and home for 2 years now. Without her and the other gentle and hard-working women who have helped me and my family in the past, I would have been so stressed out from caring for three little kids and a medium-sized home all by myself (when the Beloved is away for a time). I am dedicating my belated gratitude Friday post to Ate G.

Now she’s going through some tough times of her own. Her one and only child made it to one of the top sections in his Grade level in our community public school (we were happy for her and her son, too). He’s flooded with projects and assignments that even I wouldn’t be able to complete on my own for the sheer volume of it. And this happens everyday! So she has to help him out. Sometimes, she ends up sleeping at midnight just to help her son get his work done. I was shocked that this was happening.

Her son wakes up at 5 a.m. for his 6 a.m. class. He’s 9 years old. He gets home at mid-noon. She wakes up at 4 a.m. to get him ready. She asked for a change in her work schedule. She’s what we call a stay-out and comes in to work from 8 am to 5 pm or leaves earlier when her work is done. She comes in at 6 a.m. and leaves at 12 noon to give her son his lunch then walks back to our home and works till 2 p.m. If she finishes all her work she doesn’t need to return. Her husband is a “stay-in” worker at a chemical plant in another part of the Metro and only comes home on weekends. I offered to let her work part-time to help her cope but she likes the fact that she earns her own money despite it all.

It’s one of the tough and sad realities of getting an elementary education here. In private schools, I doubt there will be the same amount of homework but the children will have to wake up at around the same time to make it to their classes. It was one of those things that made me home-school my kids through preschool and elementary, at least.

Today, we start a new school year. We’re all excited and grateful that we have this opportunity available to us.

Friday went by and now a new week is about to start.

Have a blessed week ahead everyone!


4 thoughts on “Friday Went By Without A Word”

    1. Thanks for the kind words! Sometimes I wonder if I’m doing the right thing. My aunt who lives overseas was over recently for a visit. She was very happy with the way the kids turned out. Whew! So far, I guess we’re “ok” 🙂 Then again, I’ve read that you’ll never know how truly “good” your parenting/educating skills are till they leave the nest and show the rest of the world what you taught them. I just do my best and trust God to take care of everything else lol

  1. I’m always amazed (and saddened too) by the struggles and what people have to go through to provide their children the basics. It always makes me mindful of having so much and not being grateful enough. Thanks for another reminder. ♥

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