Thursday Pinoy Tidbits: Sinigang

As promised, here’s the stuff on sinigang. This is our dish of choice when someone in the family is ill or if the weather is cold and wet. I call it the “sour soup” dish because it has sabaw (soup) and it is maasim (sour).

There are lots of variations on how to cook this soup. Ours is what I call the “low budget” or “easy to make” version. Most folks use sampaloc (tamarind) to make it sour. Traditional recipes use this or kamias or both. My own family uses calamansi.  We learned this version from my mother. This was how she made sinigang. My Beloved’s Nanay uses sampaloc. To be fair, sinigang made with sampaloc tastes much better. But we’ve learned to love the simpler version, too.

What you’ll need:

10 to 12 pieces of calamansi. (Squeeze the juice and make sure you remove the seeds from the extracted juice. We do this manually using a sieve.)

1 tomato (This is optional. We learned from our cook that tomato seeds and the tomato make the dish spoil faster so make sure you don’t have too much left-over when you make this soup with tomato.)

Calamansi and Kamatis (Tomato)

1 bunch of talbos ng kamote (kamote tops or leaves)

Talbos ng Kamote (Kamote Tops or Leaves)

1/2 to 1 kilogram of bangus (milkfish) preferably deboned or boneless, especially if you’ve got young ones in the family. You can also use pork as the “meat” of the dish (no pun intended).

Bangus (Milkfish)

1 Onion

2 tablespoons of garlic (sliced)

1 tablespoon of ginger slices

Salt, to taste


How to make the sinigang:

1. Boil water (enough to cover the milkfish) in a pot with the ginger, onions and garlic.

2. Add the milkfish, calamansi juice and a little salt, to taste.

3. When the fish is nearly cooked, add the kamote leaves (and tomato if you plan to include it).

4. When the kamote leaves are cooked, the soup is done.

Sinigang ng Bangus (Milkfish Soup)


More of Sinigang na Bangus

This is a simple soup to make and really good for when you’re feeling under the weather.



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