Faithful Friday: His Grace is Enough

When I woke up this morning I couldn’t believe it was Friday already. Time has flown again.

Today and for this week, I’ve got so much to be grateful for. This time round I don’t feel like listing each one down. Rather, I’m going to share a video of the song that my children started singing while I listened to another favorite old tune on Youtube and thinking about what to write for today. They were singing it so loud that I decided to stop what I was listening to and joined them instead. I guess God wanted me to share this song today.

It’s called “Your Grace Is Enough” by Chris Tomlin.


Indeed, his grace was (more than) enough for me this week.

Enjoy your weekend, folks!




Video from Youtube (uploaded by user: fanofcanucks on February 16, 2008).
“Your Grace is Enough” from the Album “Arriving”. All Rights Reserved by Chris Tomlin and Six Steps Records.


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