A Tribute to Papa on Father’s Day 2012

tribute, noun, “thing said, done, or given as a mark of respect or affection”

(The Pocket Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus, Second American Edition, Oxford University Press, 2002)


Today is Father’s Day.

“Papa” is how we call my father. He lives several hundred miles away in his childhood home in the island Province of Catanduanes. He’s recovering from a recent bout with pneumonia.

I’ve been thinking about how else to honor my father on this special day aside from the usual greeting card and presents that I gave him. I decided that I would write a little about him and share my appreciation as a tribute to him.

I used to dwell on the memories that thinking of my father brought up. Most of the memories were painful. Papa was an Alcoholic. Some of you out there may not understand what it’s like growing up with an alcoholic parent. That’s all right. On the other hand, there may be others out there reading this now that do know or remember what it’s like. It’s not my intention to cause you any pain today. I’m not going down that path and I hope that reading this won’t bring back too many painful memories. If you feel it will, please feel free to stop reading.

But today is not about sad memories, regrets or what if’s. In the past, I used to blame a lot of the problems in my life on his alcoholism. Oswald Chambers said,”…it is God who engineers his (our) circumstances; consequently there are no complaints…” (From June 13, My Utmost for His Highest). I have finally reached that stage of my life’s journey where I have accepted that part of our lives and thank God for it. I know that I wouldn’t be able to know God intimately if it weren’t for all that happened in the past.

So, today I want to honor my Papa. Not to the Alcoholism though that is a part of who he is. I want to thank my Papa for being my Father.  I thank God for choosing my Papa for me. I am who I am because my Papa is my father.

Papa is not perfect but he tried his best to be a good father and a good provider to us.

Thank you, Pa, for all that you have done.

I love you very much.

Happy Father’s Day!

(Note: My father doesn’t have a PC or access to the Internet. He’ll be getting a hard copy of this in the post.)


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