The Price for Peace of Mind and Lessons in Trust

The price for my peace of mind was 1,991.10.

That’s in Philippine pesos for you folks reading my blog for the first time.

After five days of high fever my Dearest Daughter is sleeping much better. I have only had 2 hours of sleep but it’s the peaceful kind not the shallow sleep you get when you’re wondering how your kid is doing while you hear her struggling to breathe and sleep at the same time. I also have an answer to why she vomited blood at 12:20 this morning.

That, and her difficulty breathing, made me take her to the ER rather than wait another 8 to 10 hours before her doctor could see her. I was praying on the way to the hospital that everything will be all right and she didn’t need to be confined.

She’s got a strange illness. None of my kids had ever gone through this. They’re usually predictable. Hers is not.

And the vomiting, oh my. It wasn’t a lot of blood. But it scared me, honestly.

The lab test results came out normal. According to the numbers she is getting better. Naturally, I don’t see it. But she’s on Ventolin now to help her breathe. The blood streaks and little blood clots were ruptured vessels from the nose that found their way down her throat and possibly her stomach. I hope I don’t see anymore blood 🙂

It was a lot to pay but better that than to worry.

I wondered why God allowed all this to happen. I concluded that this was a lesson in TRUST.

1. I learned to trust God when it comes to caring for my children.

2. My children saw how to trust God during times of illness. My boys, Beloved and I prayed over Dearest Daughter when she started having her fever. The Little Swimmer is too young to understand fully what is happening. But my Son-Man understood what needed to be done. He even led the prayer to ask for healing for Dearest Daughter the other night.

1,991.10. The price for peace of mind and lessons in trust.

John 14:1 NLT: Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me.


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