Thank You Fridays

It’s the end of another week.

Time to look back,

to remember God’s grace moving in my life

and to thank him for it…

…For the rain that washes away everything

and gives me a brand new slate to start the day.

..For the kind doctors, nurses and other people in the healthcare profession

for their patience and dedication to their calling.

…For the illnesses that remind me we have properly functioning bodies.

…For the people who encouraged, prayed for and loved me

when my love was running low.

…For Disney Channel, Disney Junior Asia and National Geographic Channel

for entertaining us when we couldn’t take time off outside our home.

…God, for loving me when I was not trusting him.

How about you?

What would you like to be thankful for?

Please feel free to Share, here or in Facebook…


4 thoughts on “Thank You Fridays”

    1. Thank you, Scott! Without hope and gratitude, I have nothing else! Yet I am just like any other sinner out there, save for the fact that I am free in Christ Jesus.

      To God be all the glory!

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