Thank You Friday!


Another week is ending and it’s time to thank Him again for the happy and not so happy things that came into our lives this week.

Here’s my list:

1. Dearest Daughter passed her assessment test with flying colors!

She earned a star for each test – Math and Language Arts. Her assessor was very happy. There were some areas to improve but generally she was most pleased with Dearest Daughter’s progress. Do you know what this also means?…

2. It means she’s going on to First Grade!

I’ve got mixed feelings about it. I’m happy she’s moving on. I’m sad because she’s moving on.

Makes any sense?  My little girl is growing up…

3. It rains practically every day now.

The plants are looking very much alive and very green. The air is cooler. Everything feels clean.

I love the rain!

4. We had a bit of a scare early this week.

Dearest Daughter and Son-Man had reddened eyes that were itchy with some discharge. I thought they had “sore eyes” or “pink eyes”. Thank God, it was just an allergy! Whew!

5. Last weekend, Little Swimmer had a fever, cough and cold.

He needed antibiotics and had to go through the nebulizer with Ventolin. I hate the meds, especially the salbutamol. But he needed it. Little Swimmer is much better now and we’ll find out later from his pediatrician if he’s completely okay. Thank God again for his improved health.

I can now breathe a big sigh of relief.

We are officially on school vacation!


Now, what’s on your list?


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