Play is the Work of the Child

Maria Montessori said that “play is the work of the child“.

I totally agree.

I won’t get into the researches and studies done on the subject.

For today I just want to share how satisfying it is to play with my 3 year old Little Swimmer.

I’m his preferred playmate, after his dad.

When we get down on the floor to play with his trains, I feel my tension and worries start to chug away, as if being magically pulled by the trains…

When we build our railroad tracks, I feel a sense of accomplishment when the loop is complete…(he made the ones in the photo all by himself)…

And I can feel his pride in his work, too…

When we set the trains on the tracks and get them moving, it feels good to just watch the trains whiz by…

And the laughter, always the laughter, of my Son, that makes my heart glad…

It is so simple, this playing thing…

It is one of the best things about being a parent…

Thank you, Lord, for this simplest and purest of joys.

I am the richest person in the world because of it.




2 thoughts on “Play is the Work of the Child”

  1. Oh, the simplest of things are the ones which reap so much joy! What a beautiful post that made me smile and give thanks to God that children remind us so much of His steadfast love.

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