A Head Full of Thoughts

I spent most of Saturday at the 4th Philippine Homeschool Conference.

I’m not used to sitting in one place for a long time and doing nothing but listen and look.

The result?

A head full of thoughts at the end of the day…

The theme for the Conference was “Laying A Strong Foundation”. I heard wisdom and perspectives from Bo Sanchez and Debra Bell, both homeschooling parents, about homeschooling. I heard more of these from other people, like the Senior Pastor of CCF, the head of the HSLDA in the U.S., the German mother who was forced to leave her country in order to pursue her own desire to teach her children…lots of stuff, heavy stuff…

After thinking through all of that, here is what I concluded:

  1. God is the foundation for all learning. He gave us the desire to learn and equipped us how to pursue that desire.
  2. The purpose of learning is to glorify God.
  3. Teaching children to love to learn is the goal of (basic) education (and it’s not just to be able to read, write and do all kinds of other things to help them make a living!)
  4. To be able to teach my children to love to learn, I must have the right relationship with them.
  5. To have a right relationship with the kids, I must be in the right relationship with God.


And finally…

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings. (Proverbs 25:2 NIV)

A few days ago I read this Proverb. It struck me then but I didn’t know exactly what to make of it.

Then, I heard Debra Bell quote it at the Conference (a Wow moment for me). She explained what it meant.

And the verse finally made sense…

God wants us to discover Him through learning. He wired us to want to learn about Him. It makes God happy when we want to learn about Him.

What a wonderful God we have!

Here I was thinking that something was wrong with me because I was always wanting to learn about something, whether it was to swim, photography, creative writing…the list goes on…

The truth was, God had put that desire to learn, in ME!

What a day!



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