Thank You Fridays…on early Saturday morning!

It’s already early Saturday morning here at My Tropical Home.

It was a busy Friday so I didn’t get a chance to post my Thank You’s for the week. Today, meaning later this morning, I’ll be heading to the 2012 Philippine Homeschool Conference by HAPI for most of the day. But for now, it’s time to count the blessings for the week.

1. My sister and her darling boys came over for a swim and we all had a blast. It was fun time, a bit of exercise time, bonding time and a lesson learnt for the children about handling “pool bullies”…

2. I finally got the chance to get rid of clutter and re-organise our study area. I was on a clean-up mode this week and I rejoiced when I was able to tick off this item on my “To Do” list.

3. Last night, the kids, my Beloved and I played a card game called Memory Match using Disney Princess characters. It was more fun and family bonding time for us. The game also gave us a chance to show the kids how to win and lose in an “honorable” manner.

I hope your week was full of love and time spent with the most important people in your life.

Here’s to a pleasant weekend to all!





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