Today, our school year officially ended. Looking back, I learned more than my children did, I think. And not about the subjects. Here’s what I learned (or remembered to do?) this past school year:

1. Life is a journey.

2. It’s best to travel light, wherever you’re going.

3. Smile and laugh, it really does keep the blues away.

4. It’s okay to remember the not-so-nice things about life. Just remember that it is ALL IN THE PAST.

5. Jesus does give you Peace, but only if you let Him.

6. Take a walk and enjoy the outdoors.

7. Listen to the birds singing in the morning.

8. Watch the sky.

9. Play with the children, everyday.

10. Love like it’s the last day of your life.


Thank you God for bringing me and my family this far. Without you, life is empty and meaningless. I love you God.



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