Thank You Fridays

Today is Friday.

I would like to call it Thank You Friday and hope to continue it in the weeks to come.  I think I missed this last week.

Being melancholic and a pessimist, I need to constantly remind myself to be thankful for what I have and don’t have.

It’s about being positive. It’s about being grateful. It’s also a DIVINE command! Imagine an order to say thanks and to give praise? God certainly knows us better than we think…

Here’s my Thank You list for this week:

  1. My Dearest Daughter and I finally finished her Sing Spell Read and Write curriculum material. My little girl can now read almost anything on her own!
  2. The rains have arrived to help cool us off. This means savings on my water and electric bills!
  3. My mother was diagnosed with pneumonia. It could have been much worse. Now she is responding well to her antibiotics and getting better.
  4. We had a wonderful time watching the Kite Festival at Clark. Getting sun-burnt and nearly blown away was worth it.
  5. No one else is sick, the Little Swimmer has a cough but it’s not giving us or him any major problems.

How about you? What’s on your Thank You list for this week?


2 thoughts on “Thank You Fridays”

  1. Isn’t it marvelous to be able to be thankful in all things, Mary? I’d make my thankful list here, but it would make for a cumbersome, unwieldy comment. 🙂
    Blessings to you for a happy Friday and great weekend!

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