Love Makes Everything Grow

Love makes the garden, and any living thing, grow…I found this hanging from the ceiling of our favorite beach resort in Subic – Oceanview Beach Resort (or OBR as the locals fondly call it). According to my Beloved, OBR started out as a collection of huts in its early days. Now, there are wooden huts and cottages still but buildings made of concrete and steel have been added to the OBR.

The OBR is not what you consider high-end compared to, say White Rock or Camayan. But, it’s affordable and cozy, aimed at the budget-family, budget-traveller and anyone else on a limited budget for a trip to the beach. You do get a lot out of the place, though, and it is one of those beach resorts closest to the Freeport but still within Olongapo City.

It’s peak season now and if you get a room, you’re very lucky indeed.

Oceanview Beach Resort, the place that Love grew…


2 thoughts on “Love Makes Everything Grow”

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. You are also one inspirational person! Here’s to doing our share to make this world a better place (and having fun while doing it!). God bless, too!

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