Jeepney – Fully Loaded


A perfect example of maximizing potential…space of the jeepney, that is. This is how we do it around here. I love my country!


6 thoughts on “Jeepney – Fully Loaded”

    1. A formula one racer? I don’t get it. Ah,… let me tell you, once I took it at night, they try to find customers until really full before they set out. I got on the car, but I couldn’t find the driver. I asked my friends where the driver was… She told me the one shouting outside was our driver. That was so funny. I’m gonna remember that exciting moment. 🙂

    2. lol…the driver sits in the front..and sometimes if he’s in a BIG hurry, he can go very very very fast….dangerously least here in Manila. I’ve never tried jeepneys in Cebu. maybe they’re more patient and safety conscious there…the dude outside is the “conductor” he gets your fare, yells (or hits the jeepney roof) to the driver to stop or go and gets the passengers for him…

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