Of Chocolates and Kids

I love chocolates. Even as I try to lose weight I simply cannot win the fight Not to eat chocolate. It’s in my blood.

When I was younger we couldn’t afford imported chocolates. Having any chocolate at all was actually a treat in itself, never mind what brand it was. If it was chocolate, it was heaven. My Beloved, who grew up in the City next to the Naval Base up North, remembers with bliss his Tootsie-Rolls. He earned the right to buy a Tootsie-Roll after helping his mother with her food-cart business (I’m not sure if the roll is a chocolate but it falls into the sweets class so I guess we could compare it with my Serg).

We didn’t have that kind of money. But somehow my mother managed to get me and my siblings Serg chocolate. I still remember that thin bar of chocolate with the red (or was it pink?) stripes on the wrapper. I had no idea then that Serg was a local chocolate.  It was so yummy!! I remember that I would keep the wrapper for days being careful not to put any creases on it except for the folds that were already there from protecting the precious chocolate within.

I tried searching for an image of my favorite chocolate. I found two sites with the same picture of the chocolate, so I’m acknowledging them as the source (well, that’s what Google tells me):



I told my children all about this favorite chocolate of mine, while we were eating Hershey’s classic Kisses. Even if Kisses are one of the sweetest chocolates around, it was nothing compared to my humble Serg chocolate from yesteryear. I guess it was special because I didn’t know any other chocolate, and because it really was a rare treat to have it.

Of course, Guylian’s Belgian chocolates is the current Number 1 chocolate for me. Sadly, I can’t find them in the stores in our area. You would have to go to the Big Mall Supermarket (far away) or else to the Duty Free stores up north to find them.

Guylian’s earned that special spot in my heart because it was my father’s gift to us when he came home for his break from being an OFW. By this time, there was a little more money to go around and I guess we could afford this.

My kids enjoyed the chocolate story. It was another opportunity to remind them where we came from and to not take things for granted.

We live near the old Serg chocolate factory. I passed by it about two weeks ago. The decrepit building looks like it will be torn down. They’re already digging up the driveway in the front. From what I’ve read so far, I’m not the only one missing and wishing that Serg would come back to life.


7 thoughts on “Of Chocolates and Kids”

  1. I love Sergs and Ricoa Flat Tops. I hope the manufacturers of Sergs chocolate will make a comeback soon. Is there any way we could contact the owners of Sergs company? Thanks.

  2. Hello. Its so nice to read something like this every now and then. You know what, I have always missed Sergs chocolate bars. I remember when I was in Grade 2 (and that was a long long time ago) I used to save my daily allowance to be able to buy 1 or 2 bars for the weekend. (One bar cost 20 cents). Then I would gorge on them while watching my favorite TV shows. (By the way, we were not really well off, but were fortunate enough to be able to have the first TV set among our neighbors.)Sometimes my friends and I would chip in and buy the smaller bars. Smaller but just as sweet. Also, I regret it that I was not able to save even one can of Sergs Cocoa. We used to have Sergs cocoa when we preferred it for breakfast instead of coffee. (We also had this Nescafe Instant Coffee in tins about the size of a condensed milk can.) Back in 1998 or so, I found, to my delight and surprise that Sergs was back, and I was able to buy a medium sized bag of the smaller bars containing about 50 pieces. Sadly, the efforts to revive the product did not last long. And here we are, missing the familiar taste of our childhood, and hoping that somewhere along the line someone will make the effort to revive Sergs once again.And this time I hope for good, for the sake of our children and grandchildren. Oh, and lastly, Sergs was not humble as you said. It was in a class along with Hersheys and Nestle. Lets hear from you again.

    1. Wow, thanks for reminiscing with me! And thanks also for correcting my perception of Sergs. In my young mind it was all we could afford so I thought it was the poorer man’s chocolate. Thanks again for that.

      I passed by the old Serg factory last week, it’s been torn down and in its place is a spanking new modern logistics complex. I was so sad to see the sight. But I know that Serg will live on in the memories of choco-lovers like you and me.

      Thanks so much for dropping by. Have a wonderful weekend!

    2. Thanks very much for your reply. Glad to hear from you. Its not often that someone from my age group or a bit younger Im sure, appreciates my musings. By the way, I pass by the Ricoa factory at EDSA daily on my way to and from work. At least we still have that, Remember Canada Dry, (now no more) Fibisco (that we still have) and Cafe Puro? They all belong to the same company that runs Ricoa. (Commonwealth Foods) Lets just hope Ricoa does not share the same fate as Sergs. Than all well have for local chocolates will be Hany and Choc Nut, with Goya also gone. Have a nice weekend, and if you have any trivia to want to ask or share, just drop me a line. Regards.

    3. Thanks again for dropping by.
      I’m afraid Canada Dry is beyond me 🙂 but I know Fibisco and Cafe Puro. I love Ricoa (Flat Tops is a favorite) and some of Commonwealth’s other sweets every once in a while. What about Nips, Cloud Nine and the others. I don’t remember who makes these, I just eat them when they’re available.
      Have a great week ahead ~ Mary

    4. Hi again. Canada Dry is a soft drink brand, that offered several flavors, and they came in a funny shaped bottle They had orange, (an attempt to break the stranglehold of Royal Tru Orange?) Uva (grape flavor, which was a good one) Root Beer (to compete with the most popular sarsaparilla Cosmos Sarsi?) and Ginger Ale, which I must confess I have not tried, not even once. This was more popular as a mix for stronger drinks, hence it was more visible in bars and pubs, and during those years I was too young to go to these places. (Actually I am still a non drinker).If Im not mistaken, they also introduced Spur Cola, as an alternative to the more popular Coke and Pepsi, but again sales petered out, and now very few remember the brand. At least Sarsi is still available, though frankly it tastes different, or my taste buds have grown older. Yes, Flat Tops are still a favorite, together with Curly Tops and Chocolate Mallows ( a no no for weight watchers and diabetics). Nips are my daughters one time favorites while my only son has consumed enough Cloud Nines to drive me to the poor house. Ha ha. I admit, I dont really know who makes them either. But were glad theyre still on the market. Ok I hope you dont get bored, just drop me a line if you have other nostalgia items you want to talk about. Have a great week.

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