New Community Hangout at McDonald’s

McDonald’s opened its n-th branch last Saturday. We heard from the local grapevine that there were freebies to be had. My sister-in-law who lives nearby (most of my side of the family live nearby) was at the branch at around 630 a.m. and the first 100 freebies for the first 100 persons to buy anything were gone by then. Can you believe that???

My Beloved ran an errand at around 730 a.m. and he said that the line went around the building already. Imagine THAT…

My sister came by in the afternoon and left early in the evening. She passed by the branch on both instances and the place was full of people still…

And here I was planning to take a simple look inside, out of curiosity’s sake. I’ve been to McDonald’s before but there’s something about store openings that makes a store special even if its the mirror image of a dozen other stores all over the country.

There was no chance to get in at all  on Saturday and Sunday. I dropped by McDonald’s this morning when everything looked calm from the outside and I thought I would have to room to move inside. I was right, it did look like the other McDonald’s higher up in the mountains east of where we live. Even if it had only been open for 2 days it felt like so many people had been in it for a long time. It felt old already despite the fact that it was only 2 days old. I tried my luck asking if there were any freebies left. I was told, politely and kindly, that there were no more free stuff left.

So, I just took a look around, checked out the play area and how much room there was for my next visit with the kids. There were a number of teens cooling off inside, some old folks having coffee and reading their newspapers, and the other joggers and walkers like myself checking the place out before heading home. Yup, the place was definitely the new community hang-out.

I’m not a fan of fast-food but I am a practical mommy. So, I am grateful to the powers that be who brought the Golden Arches to my community.


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