Practice What You Preach

I was washing the dishes after dinner. “Mighty to Save” by Hillsongs Australia was playing in the background to keep me company. I was midway through the song and washing the plates at that point when the Voice spoke, “Say you’re sorry”.

“Oh, fudge”, I thought. No, I hadn’t broken anything.

The Voice spoke again, “You do not practice what you preach. Why do you teach your children about obedience and truthfulness when you won’t obey my command to forgive? You are a hypocrite”.

No, I wasn’t hearing voices in my head. I wasn’t going crazy. For those who believe, you know who that Voice is.

And just to give you a little background about why and who I had to forgive…it had started the night before. I had a quarrel with my beloved over money, a petty squabble really. But I ended up in tears, I don’t know why. So I let the day end without forgiving him or letting it go. In the morning, I was angry again over petty things. I didn’t have to be angry, I could have made my point without being angry, but I was. I guess my pride was rearing its ugly head and taking over me.

As I sit here now I can see how foolish, and yes, how hypocritical I had been. I wasted an entire day with my beloved by not saying two simple words.

I was afraid to look like an idiot (even if I was already acting like one), and I was still so full of it, so I tarried a little with my apology. I took a shower first. If I was going to say sorry at least I wanted to feel nice and clean. Naturally, the Voice wouldn’t leave me alone, even in the shower, “Is this what you call Character?…”

I was finally ashamed of myself.

When I got out I went to my beloved. He was sitting on the sofa looking for his dream pick-up truck on the Internet. I took his hand and said, “I’m sorry” twice. We just held hands for a while after that.

The moral of the story is – practice what you preach. I’m sure my children were watching me. And at least now, when we talk about Character again, I have an example that’s closer to home.

By the way, if you want to hear the song “Mighty to Save” by Hillsongs Australia, check it out here This was what I was listening to when I was reminded to Practice What I Preach.

And I found the lyrics here: .

You never know with God but when He moves you He does it in his own time and way.


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