Worth the Wait – MV Logos Hope

Well, we made it to the MV Logos Hope. We left early, not as early as I would have wanted, but we made good time and there were fewer cars on the highways.

We had a “picnic” in the car with the kids’ favorite pasta-with-cheddar cheese and Monde’s original Breadstix. The children enjoyed it.

The weather was sunny with a nice breeze blowing when we got there. The children were excited. The Alava pier brought back pleasant memories to my beloved of the time he worked in Subic. I was happy we made it safely to the ship.

I think many families had the same idea we had about visiting the Logos Hope. It was crowded and noisy inside the bookfair, the way it gets in local bookstores when there’s a sale or at the start of the school year. Of course, this meant no sniffing of the air inside the place. But that didn’t deter me from having a good time. The children were happy, too. My beloved hates crowded places so we only stayed for about 2 hours. Left to myself I would have  stayed till I had finished going through each title on each shelf.

The selection of titles is varied but not as large as the local bookstores like National Bookstore, Powerbooks or Fully Booked. Many of the books I looked at were priced lower than you would find in the local stores, even lower than the secondhand bookstores, which was a pleasant surprise. This was why I ended up buying a lot more than I expected. There were a few titles I saw that were priced slightly higher than the local stores. And some titles that I had never seen before.  MV Logos Hope was indeed worth the trip and the wait.

The staff (all of them were volunteers) were very patient with the crowds. There was a regular reminder to all not to “halo-halo” (mix) the books. Even with that being paged regularly it was impossible not to keep the books ending up on the wrong shelf.

We passed through the gallery of the Lost Son and the Cafe. There was another section that we didn’t enter, I can’t remember what it was. By then the children and my beloved were tired and hungry so we rested for a little while on a bench before we left the ship.

Near the public exit the staff had placed a computer that allowed the visitor to log into the Captain’s logbook. I thought that was a nice touch. Naturally, I logged in and sent the Captain a few words of thanks and well-wishes.

A very nice lady (I forgot her name, how terrible of me, I had asked it earlier) gave away booklets to the visitors as she thanked them for visiting the Logos Hope. Despite the crowd that was there she took the time to have a little chat with us before we disembarked.

It certainly was an experience to remember.


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