Grateful Friday May 15, 2015

Forgive me dear readers, I have been away with nary a word, picture or tweet as to my whereabouts or whatabouts…Once again I thank the faithful readers of this blog who have stuck around and decided to explore other parts of this blog while I was away…

So what have I been up to?

Well, it was mostly catch-up time with our homeschooling. In case you’ve missed out on the latest, my dad was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer late last year. We had a stop-and-go homeschool while we took care of my dad which resulted in us falling behind. We were able to catch up and meet some government-required deadlines as far as grades are concerned. We’re schooling this summer to finish off the important subjects like Math and the Native Language. Aside from these, we’ve had sports summer to-do’s which are winding down as well.

Grateful Fridays 2015I am happy to note that, by the grace of God, my father, who was basically given 6 months to live after surgery if he didn’t take chemo, passed the mark on April 30. This was a joyful yet cautious moment for us, as those of who have battled with cancer know. I want to say THANK YOU to all of you who prayed for his healing and recovery. He is now gaining weight and getting stronger. We continue to hope and pray that he will recover and be healed.

I have also been busy with my MOOC’s (massive open online course) as I try to upgrade my teaching, learning and assessing skills. It’s been a fully packed 2 months, which will continue till the second week of June.

I have a lot to be thankful for…and I invite each and everyone of you reading this to take the time to just say thanks to the One and Only Creator of All Things Existing for everything – the good and even the painful bad. A complaining heart is the quickest way to meet your Maker, and not necessarily the happiest or most satisfying way to go. So take it easy, look at the sky, look at your loved ones, enjoy what you have.

May the Lord’s peace be with you. Have a love-filled weekend.

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